Real trial experience matters.

Trial In Focus was founded by a group of successful and well-respected attorneys who make their living in the courtroom. They have nearly 60 years of combined experience as litigators, and have collectively tried more than 250 cases. When the time comes to hire a litigation consultant, to conduct a focus group, or hold a mock trial, you don’t want to hire someone with little or no actual trial experience. You need someone on your side who knows what it’s like to stand in front of a jury with their client's case on the line. When you are in need of an experienced and professional litigation consultant, you can count on the team at Trial In Focus.

Trial In Focus helps other attorneys obtain the best results possible on each case by focusing on only one goal ... winning. The attorneys at Trial In Focus rely on real-world trial experience to get results and tailor their work to the individual needs of each attorney, each client, each case.